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Simply Better Fingerprint Powders

Scientifically developed
for enhanced results

Significant increase
in quality

Zero increase
in cost

Specially formulated to develop latent marks on both non porous (e.g. glass, ceramics,) and semi porous surfaces (e.g. plastics, non-ferrous metals,) up to twenty-eight days after prints have been made. The powders provide 30% enhanced performance over existing powders.

Simply Better Powders powders and suspensions provide much better contrast and definition, producing sharper images with less background staining.

A range of stable core silica nano-particles has been engineered at the Simply Better Powder scale to produce a targeted set of properties suitable for a wide range of powder products. The end particle size is within the normal powder range while employing standard operational procedures and conforming to normal health and safety requirements.

Simply Better Powders and Suspensions are applied using standard protocols and have been demonstrated in several studies to offer a superior lifted print resulting in 20%- 40% better contrast and definition across a range of surfaces when compared to standard commercial powders: Specially formulated to develop latent marks on non porous (e.g. glass, ceramics,) semi porous surfaces (e.g. plastics, non ferrous metals,) and porous surfaces up to twenty-eight days after deposition.

Independent Studies

Independent studies show a marked improvement in image and contrast across a range of surfaces.

Laminate Wood Surface – increase of 42% in definition and 41% in contrast

White Ceramic Tiles - increase of 27 % in definition and 24 % in contrast

Brown packing tape- increase of 34 % in definition and 36 % in contrast

Covering All Latent Fingerprinting requirements

Application – Reported Comments

The Simply Better powders lift well and have much less propensity to smudge on acetate sheet.

In general Simple Better powders are finer and give a much smoother application.

The Simply Better black magnetic powder gives much less background staining.

The Simply Better Black powder can be enhanced with a sweeping motion while the excess is removed using a clean brush.

Simply Better magnetic powders also work well with large flat magnetic wands.

Simply Better Fluorescent magnetic powders with UV light are ideal for use on busy backgrounds e.g. paper currency giving good contrast and definition.



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