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Scene Capture Solutions Include:

lizard q good

LIZQ™ Spherical Imaging System


R2S™ Case Documentation Software

LASiris Image

LASiris VR


iris360 Pro

Arena 4D Image 1

Areena4D From Veesus


500 megapixel - 360° Spherical Imaging System

LizQ is the most advanced scene capture solution we offer to document the scene. This camera is a high resolution 360°×360° HDR spherical imaging system that produces 500 megapixel results. Enjoy fast, simple to use, and reliable operation from initial set up of the equipment to the uploading of images; each step is fully automatic.

Lizard q camera



LASiris VR

Combined Laser & Spherical Imaging System
LASiris VR

Capture reality at the touch of a button with the LASiris VR. Vivid 120MP HDR imagery combined with 100 meter range LiDAR and option of full ColourCloud® processing onboard.

LASirisVR 1
LASiris Camera Lens


LASiris VR captures precision depth data from the scene using 16 precision lasers angled across 30 degrees, spinning at 600rpm. When LASiris VR rotates, the laser beams criss cross each other to give an increased level of accuracy and resolution within the scene. ColourCloud® then combines data from the calibrated optics and lasers to produce a colour point cloud. The data is saved to SD card for use on any 3rd party system, or can be processed and shared on


Delivering the highest resolution and levels of detail, where 10 bit HDR and precision optics combine to deliver simply superior results, capturing a full 360 x 300 degrees field of view.

LASiris Laser Out
LASiris with SD card


The removable SD card storage means you can capture as much data as you need and never run out of disk space when you need it most. Easily share data between computers without the need to purchase additional hardware or tablets.


Our native IOS and Android App makes LASiris VR simple to control from any smartphone or tablet. It’s perfectly suitable for multiple markets including Video Game Development, Architecture, Survey, Construction, Heritage, Forensics, Collision Investigation, Visual Effects Creation.

LASiris with phone


Onestopvr provides a number of fully automatic processing options to help provide the best quality of data, in the fastest time. Here we see data captured from a very busy scene where hundreds of people have walked through the image during a 20 minute capture. Each person causes a spike in the 3D data as they are measured. Onestopvr automatically removes problems such as this.

LASiris VR comes complete with access to to enable you to backup, process, edit and even share your 3D content through our VR cloud services. OnestopVR will automatically process your data fast and provide you with truly amazing immersive walkthroughs and virtual tours or your real world places. Fully compatible with ColourCloud®.





Virtualize your real world places


NCTech have been at the forefront of 360 imaging for AEC markets since 2010.

Our iSTAR® camera is used in many architect, engineering and construction markets as a trusted tool to capture reality in high resolution HDR.

LASiris VR is designed to offer the ultimate workflow and onsite advantages. Image and point cloud data is automatically processed with ColourCloud® onboard to deliver immediate 3D colour point clouds to review on your mobile device.


             Key Technical Specifications

Range 100m usable range
Field of view 360° x 300°
Range accuracy 30mm typical
3D accuracy 30mm
IP class 54
Speed 300,000 pps
ISO 100 – 6400
Scanner resolution User definable, up to 0.02° hor. / 01–0.4 vert.
Laser class 1
Principle approach ToF
Colour HDR 120 Megapixels
Data storage SD Card
File output E57, NCTRI
System O3D API
Dimensions 20cm x 16cm x 27cm
Weight 4.5kg

iris360 Pro

90 Megapixel - Panoramic Imaging System
iris360PRO mobile

90MP Resolution. Rugged. Integrated. Works with Google Street View.



iris360 Pro is our highest resolution one shot system to date using precision optics to capture 10 bit true HDR images.


With a unique alloy interlocked cage internal structure, iris360 Pro features a rigid core with a unique anti-slip outer skin, offering full protection for professional photographers.

iris360Pro Inside


Capture. Upload. Distribute. Convert iris360 Pro panoramas to Immersive 3D for real world walkthroughs and virtual tours. Compatibility with the NCTech SDK ensures an upgrade path to true professional performance.


iris360 Pro incorporates the Open Spherical Camera API, giving developers complete control of the system. Featuring a dedicated “Google Street View” output of 12K, iris360 Pro sets the standard for OSC API compatible cameras.


Professional. Mobile.

Our native IOS and Android App makes iris360 Pro simple to control from any smartphone or tablet and is perfectly suitable for multiple markets and sectors, including Construction, Engineering, Laser Scan Colourisation, Google Street View, Real Estate and Virtual Tours.


Capture. Process. Deliver.


Taking the image is just the start. iris360 Pro integrates to multiple professional platforms to deliver a seamless, streamlined end to end workflow from picture to publish. lets you edit, share and push your iris360 Pro content to Google Street View, Facebook etc as well as your own website. Packed with features ideal for Realtors is the perfect immersive distribution platform specifically designed for iris360 Pro.

We can convert your iris360 Pro panoramic images to fully immersive 3D. Allowing you to free roam your amazing real world content and even take measurements of doors, windows floors and much more.


             Key Technical Specifications

iris360-pro_ph2 (1)
iris360Pro Inside
Resolution 90MP
Image Size 13800 x 6900 px
Sensor 4 x 18MP
Lens 4 x Fisheye 2.6mm
Aperture f/2.3
Exposure Auto/Manual Shutter Speed
ISO 100 – 6400
White Balance Auto White Balance
HDR up to 9 exposures, 27ev dynamic range
File Types True HDR (.hdr), RAW (10bit .nctri), JPEG (8bit .jpg)
Storage SDHC Card up to 32GB
Battery Li-ion 7.5V removable battery pack
Power 12V 5A AC/DC Adapter
System O3D API
Materials Aluminium alloy chassis, ABS shell casing
Dimensions 15cm x 15cm x 20cm
Weight 1.9kg


360 Degree Imaging

Capture reality at the touch of a button with the iSTAR 360 Degree Imaging System. Vivid 50MP HDR imagery.

istar 3


The iSTAR 360 degree panoramic camera rugged, lightweight and has a small footprint making it easy to transport and deploy. With zero setup time, iSTAR does not require photographic experience to operate. With one-button capture and IP64 rating, it is fast and easy-to-use either indoors or outdoors.



STAR has been designed to provide rapid 360 degree imaging across a variety of applications in industries such as surveying, engineering, law enforcement, public safety, and media.

Typical applications for the iSTAR panoramic camera include 360 degree visual documentation of an environment to give a full immersive view of a scene with all aspects in full context, including linking individual panoramic images together as a ‘virtual tour’ (similar to Google Street View) to enable the viewer to ‘move’ between capture positions. iSTAR’s accurate calibration means that it can also be used in high precision applications such as external HDR (high dynamic range) imaging and colourisation for spherical laser scanning systems like Faro, Leica, Surphaser, Topcon, Trimble, Z&F, etc.

iSTAR images can also be used for photogrammetry applications, both image-to-pointcloud processing (for example, Agisoft PhotoScan) and also point to point measurements.


iSTAR has 4 x pre-calibrated sensors fully synchronised to deliver a highly accurate 50MP spherical image with excellent high dynamic range (HDR). iSTAR is fast at capturing images with typical capture times from around 5 seconds. As many as 50 to 60 panoramas can be captured on one battery charge. This can be increased to over 600 when using the optional external battery allowing you to capture throughout the full day.

Processing and stitching the images is also fast. NCTech’s desktop application Immersive Studio, which is supplied with iSTAR, can batch stitch images in seconds.



iSTAR is designed to be as data neutral as possible with output to connect seamlessly into your work-flow. The deliverables from iSTAR are industry standard compatible and can be used with the majority of existing application software. In addition to using neutral data formats NCTech also offers software development Kits (SDK) for producers of relevant third party software to run some core iSTAR functions run directly within their own software environment, eliminating unnecessary data import/export steps and thereby further increasing user efficiency.

istar labelled
different views


Visual Virtual Asset Management Software
r2S jpeg

R2S® has revolutionized the way data is recorded and presented and can be used to aid and support all aspects of planning, training and investigation. A high definition 360 degree, fully interactive, virtual walk through of an area.

R2S logo

R2S has revolutionized the way data is recorded and presented and can be used to aid and support all aspects of planning, training and investigation.

R2S provides:

  • High definition 360 degree images that create a fully interactive, virtual walk through of an area,
  • Full measurement capability within spherical images,
  • Drag and drop hotspots to embed or link to any relevant information such as videos, audio, 3D models, photographs, documents and URL’s.

The R2S system is technically advanced, but simple to use. The software enables all case-related material to be digitized, interlinked and shared across secure networks to maximize collaboration opportunities. R2S allows the latest evidence related updates to be instantly viewed and authorized by users in any location and also provides users with detailed visual and factual analysis of the area at any time throughout the project. It also delivers a permanent navigable visual record of that location or asset once a project is complete.

banner jpeg
labelled comp

R2S scenes are populated with 'hotspot' icons that link directly to related media files. These can include documents, maps, plans, photographs, audio and video files - or any related forensic information relevant to the case.


R2S can be networked securely across an entire organization. The system ensures that any new information added by a user is instantly available to all other users on the secure network or stand alone version, greatly enhancing team collaboration. Select information can be published to an external storage or published PDF for use in briefing, training and presentations. All you need is Windows Media Player.



From Veesus
Arena 4D Image 1

Arena4D is the name of the core product range from Veesus Ltd., and features client, server and plug-in applications.  At the heart of all their applications is their cross platform point cloud rendering engine for viewing and editing large point cloud data sets in a wide range of common formats.

Arena 4D Image 2

Whether you are a crime scene investigator, accident reconstructionist, engineer, surveyor, site manager or other end user, we have a solution to help you deal with the complexities of point cloud data.

Company Logo Green


From Veesus


Arena4D Data Studio is capable of visualising point clouds, imagery, panoramas, shape files, GPS tracks and much more all in a single contextual view. No need to swap packages to see all your data together. The unique contextual GIS platform allows you to combine multiple different data sets into a complete 3D document that you can share with fellow Arena4D Data Studio users.



Arena4D Data Studio allows you to markup, annotate, measure and even edit your point clouds too. They can then be exported in many common formats.

Also available is a powerful animation module that generates HD quality movies quickly at the touch of a button.



Arena4D Data Studio is the only point cloud editing software package which also incorporates Arithmetica's Pointfuse vecotrization technology and NCTech's Colour Cloud & Measurement modules. Our Rhino plugin also incorporates Pointfuse for rapid vectorization of point cloud data in the CAD environment.


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